“The finished house exceeded our expectations and we could not be happier.”

We had a very positive experience working with Jeff in 2016.  This was the first house we had ever built and he made it very comfortable and enjoyable for us; from start to finish.  We found Jeff to be very honest and trustworthy – and he always did what he told us he would do.  He made some great suggestions during the process and was very open to customizing our house plan to fit our needs.  I have a brother who is a builder

living in another state and when he visited our new home he was extremely impressed with Jeff’s quality and attention to detail.

The finished house exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier.

Dan & Betsy Grady, Jamestown, NC

“From the first time we met Jeff we felt that we were in this process together.”

We can not say enough wonderful things about our experience of building a house with Jeff! He made the entire process easy and enjoyable. From the first time we met him we felt that we were in this process together. His helpful suggestions along the way provided us with the guidance we needed to end up with our beautiful home!

Art and Jane Kirby, Jamestown, NC

“He is the gold standard for what I now expect when it comes to a builder.”

My experience with Jeff Jackson and Monarch Homes has been nothing less than stellar. From day 1, Jeff was completely dedicated to making sure my home and home buying experience was top notch. As a second time home buyer, I felt familiar with the process; however, I was impressed with the care Jeff took to educate me on the features of the home, the expected care and maintenance and the warranties and services he provided.

This was truly different and beyond my expectations. However, the really amazing thing was that it wasn’t just lip service. After I purchased my home, Jeff kept his commitment of not just seeing me as a customer (his very first customer I’m proud to say), but as part of the Monarch Homes family. Since May 2010, Jeff has continued to foster a true relationship. Not just as a builder, but as a true friend. Three years out, he will still check back with me on the condition of the house and offer a hand for the occasional improvement project. He is the gold standard for what I now expect when it comes to a builder and I’m sure given the opportunity, he will re-write your expectations as well!

Janice Williams, Greensboro, NC

“He was very accommodating for the few tweaks that we requested.”

Jeff was fabulous.  We bought a spec home, and he was very accommodating for the few tweaks that we requested.  After the purchase, he helped us many times with several things that we only noticed after we closed on the home…..just little things, like I could not find the door stopper on one door, so he replaced it at no charge.  The house is well built, nicely finished, and I have no complaints at all.

I’ve had my brother down to visit this past year (and our family business is in the construction industry) and he walked around and looked at everything in the house, and gave it good grades.

At the one year inspection, Jeff came and walked around to note the little things that needed to be touched up, and then sent a crew of two that did a great job.  There were no major cracks, etc. due to settling of the house, which was great.

My take on it is that he’s great to work with.  We did not build the house with him, but the end product has met and exceeded our expectations.

Claire Mannella, High Point, NC

“The best part of our experience was working with Jeff.”

We had relocated to Jamestown, NC in the summer of 2010 because of Denny’s new job assignment.  We had seen one of Jeff’s homes and really wanted to build one for ourselves.  The problem was we only had a little over 3 months before we needed to be in NC and Denny’s relocation package discouraged new construction.  Jeff advised he could build our home the way we wanted it and in time for our move.

We were not worried about the quality due to Jeff’s reputation.  Our inspector said this was the first one of Jeff’s homes he had inspected. He heard about Jeff’s work but now he knew for himself.   There were no issues!

The best part of our experience was working with Jeff.   He takes care of everything and is one of the best people you will ever meet let alone do business with.

Denny & Kay Evans, Greensboro, NC

“He never pressured us to make any upgrades, but was happy to accommodate.”

This was our 3rd home, but first time building.  Jeff held our hands through the entire process.  He even offered ways to make the house more functional during the construction phase when opportunities arose (like when the crawl space ended up being tall enough to turn into a work-space with double door access).  He never pressured us to make any upgrades, but was happy to accommodate us when we chose them.  I consider myself a high-maintenance customer with very high expectations, and Jeff built us a beautiful house that truly felt like home immediately.

David & Kelly Piercy, King, NC